Irish Red Ale on table with Reuben Sandwich and Breakfast Burrito

March 17, 2023

New Irish Red Ale at Rochester This classic Irish Red Ale features a slight caramel aroma and light toasted biscuit flavor. It’s a well-balanced easy drinking pint best enjoyed celebrating with friends. This Emerald Isle favorite also pairs well with Rochester’s returning Reuben sandwich and brand new corned beef hash burrito. History Rochester’s new Irish […]

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Nitro Orange Creamsicle IPA at Rochester

New Beer Alert: Nitro Orange Creamsicle IPA We just tapped Nitro Orange Creamsicle IPA at Rochester’s Crossroads Brewery. This New England style IPA is loaded with pureed oranges, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and sweet milk sugar. With a sweet, orange forward flavor and a smooth mouthfeel, this beer reminds you of a melted popsicle. The nitro-infused […]

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New Beer Alert: Nitro Orange Creamsicle IPA

March 13, 2023

Lineup of a wide range of beers from Rochester Brewing and Roasting

February 27, 2023

Lots of New Beer Releases at Rochester Brewing and Roasting Our head brewer, David Bulcock, has been very busy these past few months, and we have tapped new beers almost daily. Here’s a list of new beer releases: Atlas West Coast IPA: This west coast style IPA, brewed with Altus, Columbus and Chinook hops, features […]

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Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison

New Beer Alert: Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison Rochester’s Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison bursts with black currant flavors, softened by aging in a red wine barrel from Bogle Vineyards. This complex beer features prominent oak and dark fruit flavors that pair well with the earthiness and sweetness of the saison […]

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Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison on Tap

February 19, 2023

Rochester Brewing Coffea Arabica Ale

February 17, 2023

New Beer Alert: Coffea Arabica Ale Our Love Potion #2 coffee blend features prominently in the most recent version of our Coffea Arabica Ale. The base beer is brewed specifically to allow our in-house roasted coffee to shine. You will note a subtle sweet and almond-like aroma, with flavors of chocolate and fruit jam. This […]

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Black Currant Sour Beer from Rochester Brewing and Roasting

Black Currant Sour Beer now on tap at Rochester! Our kettle sour, fruited with black currant, boasts a ruby red hue. The natural tartness of black currant complements the sour base beer. It is refreshingly tart with a dry finish. History At one time, all beers were technically sour. Brewers relied exclusively on ambient wild […]

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New Beer Release: Black Currant Sour Beer

February 9, 2023

Rochester Belgian Strong Dark Ale

January 20, 2023

Rochester has just tapped our brand new Belgian Dark Strong Ale. This heady brew features notes of fig and plum in both flavor and aroma. Its pleasant malty sweetness balances with hints of spice courtesy of the Belgian yeast. The brewing world hotly debates how to categorize this beer. Some argue it is a “quad” […]

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