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Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co. is a new locally owned brewery, roastery and event space in the West Crossroads in Kansas City, MO. We are three friends passionate about the art and science of brewing beer and roasting specialty coffee from all over the world.


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Marshall’s interest in craft beer started in college, but his passion was ignited when his lifelong friend, Philip Enloe, gave him a home brewing kit. As an engineer, Marshall’s natural curiosity and scientific mind led him to ask a lot of questions -- researching the brewing process on his own, experimenting, improving techniques and learning everything he could about the science of brewing. Marshall also focused on designing better systems to make beer. Eventually, his patience paid off when he won the “High Plains Brewer of the Year” award. In 2017, he and his friend Philip decided to take a leap of faith and turn his hobby into a business venture.

“My parents have owned and operated a small business for the last 25 years, so I guess being an entrepreneur is in my blood,” said Marshall.

Rochester Brewing and Roasting truly is a family affair, and Marshall’s wife Amanda helps manage the event space bookings, often with their two young children, Kayda and Otto, in tow. And while Marshall manages the beer brewing side of the operation, his friend Philip Enloe handles the coffee roasting and handcrafted artisan coffee creations.

“Philip and I each developed a passion for beer and coffee, and we dreamed about turning our hobbies into something more,” Marshall said. “To be able to take the leap with a group of friends that we know and trust is the secret to our success. We want Rochester to be a welcoming space for all and a positive influence in the community as a humble, grounded and ethical business that treats our employees, patrons and all members of the community with respect and kindness.” 

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Head Brewer

I'm Marshall

When they were doubles tennis partners at Fort Osage High School, little did Philip know that he and Marshall would eventually become business partners in a venture that fulfilled both their dreams. The former music teacher started coffee roasting as a hobby in 2011..

“My wife and I traveled quite a bit in Central America, and I became interested in trying coffees from different regions. I wanted to experience coffee that was as fresh as possible, so I started roasting beans on my own,” said Philip.

When Philip shared his coffee with friends and family, he realized it had ignited a passion that he wanted to share with others. From roasting fresh coffee beans in a popcorn popper in his home to roasting on a 5kg commercial Diedrich roaster, Philip has found a way to share his love of high quality coffee with others. Philip’s wife Jana, who owns her own photography and photo booth business, plays a part at Rochester, managing marketing and social media for the brewery and roasting company.

But for Philip, it goes beyond serving good coffee. “I want to have a place where people can connect with each other, bring their families, celebrate with friends and create a sense of community and belonging. I also want to share the broader story of where the coffee comes from, who grows it and how we are all interconnected.”

Head Roaster

I'm Philip

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David met Marshall his freshman year of college at K State. After college, the roommates ended up in different cities, but they always remained close, and their mutual love of craft beer and home brewing was an integral part of that relationship. 

David’s day job took him from Kansas City to Texas, where his interest in craft brewing continued to grow. He went back to school to earn a professional brewing certification from Eastfield College in Mesquite, TX. He is passionate about making great beer and sharing it with the Kansas City community. 

David’s wife Megan also pitches in at Rochester, planning and organizing special events for the expansive space. 

“I am so excited and humbled to be a part of the Rochester team,” David said. “We want to serve world class beer in a friendly and welcoming environment. My favorite thing is seeing people enjoying our beer and coffee and having fun with friends and family.”

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I'm David

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Emily has joined the Rochester team after being a long time Event Lead with Boulevard Brewing Company's Hospitality Team.

She has a background in coffee and beer along with having a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and Stage Management. Coming from a stage management background, Emily is skilled in time management and making sure events run as smoothly as possible.

When she isn't helping you plan your private events, you can find her behind the bar slinging beers, making lattes, and serving all of your dogs a pup cup. She can't wait to help you plan your event, and make sure it's everything you could hope for!

Events Manager

I'm Emily

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