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Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co. is a locally owned brewery and coffee roastery in Kansas City. We are three friends passionate about the art and science of brewing beer and roasting specialty coffee from all over the world. But at Rochester, it’s also about building community and creating a place to gather with friends and family to celebrate and make connections … over a great cup of coffee or delicious craft beer. We’re also a space where people gather to work, study, learn and play. So when you want a place to start your day, end your night, or relax with friends … or make new ones, you have a seat at the table here. 

CROSSROADS: 2129 Washington St, KCMO 64108
Parkville: 100 S Main St, Parkville, MO 64152

M-Th  6:30 am-9 pm
F, Sa 6:30 am-10 pm
Su 9 am-6:30 pm

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From Trivia Tuesdays to Yoga Mondays and Beer Release Parties to Family Fun: There's something for everyone to enjoy at Rochester.




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About Us

Marshall’s interest in craft beer started in college, but his passion was ignited when his lifelong friend, Philip Enloe, gave him a home brewing kit. As an engineer, Marshall’s natural curiosity and scientific mind led him to ask a lot of questions -- researching the brewing process on his own, experimenting, improving techniques and learning everything he could about the science of brewing. Marshall also focused on designing better systems to make beer. Eventually, his patience paid off when he won the “High Plains Brewer of the Year” award. In 2017, he and his friend Philip decided to take a leap of faith and turn his hobby into a business venture.

“My parents have owned and operated a small business for the last 25 years, so I guess being an entrepreneur is in my blood,” said Marshall.

Rochester Brewing and Roasting truly is a family affair, and Marshall’s wife Amanda helps manage the event space bookings, often with their two young children, Kayda and Otto, in tow. And while Marshall manages the beer brewing side of the operation, his friend Philip Enloe handles the coffee roasting and handcrafted artisan coffee creations.

“Philip and I each developed a passion for beer and coffee, and we dreamed about turning our hobbies into something more,” Marshall said. “To be able to take the leap with a group of friends that we know and trust is the secret to our success. We want Rochester to be a welcoming space for all and a positive influence in the community as a humble, grounded and ethical business that treats our employees, patrons and all members of the community with respect and kindness.” 

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Head Brewer

I'm Marshall

When they were doubles tennis partners at Fort Osage High School, little did Philip know that he and Marshall would eventually become business partners in a venture that fulfilled both their dreams. The former music teacher started coffee roasting as a hobby in 2011..

“My wife and I traveled quite a bit in Central America, and I became interested in trying coffees from different regions. I wanted to experience coffee that was as fresh as possible, so I started roasting beans on my own,” said Philip.

When Philip shared his coffee with friends and family, he realized it had ignited a passion that he wanted to share with others. From roasting fresh coffee beans in a popcorn popper in his home to roasting on a 5kg commercial Diedrich roaster, Philip has found a way to share his love of high quality coffee with others. Philip’s wife Jana, who owns her own photography and photo booth business, plays a part at Rochester, managing marketing and social media for the brewery and roasting company.

But for Philip, it goes beyond serving good coffee. “I want to have a place where people can connect with each other, bring their families, celebrate with friends and create a sense of community and belonging. I also want to share the broader story of where the coffee comes from, who grows it and how we are all interconnected.”

Head Roaster

I'm Philip

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David met Marshall his freshman year of college at K State. After college, the roommates ended up in different cities, but they always remained close, and their mutual love of craft beer and home brewing was an integral part of that relationship. 

David’s day job took him from Kansas City to Texas, where his interest in craft brewing continued to grow. He went back to school to earn a professional brewing certification from Eastfield College in Mesquite, TX. He is passionate about making great beer and sharing it with the Kansas City community. 

“I am so excited and humbled to be a part of the Rochester team,” David said. “We want to serve world class beer in a friendly and welcoming environment. My favorite thing is seeing people enjoying our beer and coffee and having fun with friends and family.”

Assistant Brewer

I'm David

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MY NEW FAV COFFEE SHOP! I could rave about this place all day! The vibe is versatile! Great for socializing with friends, studying, or even a date! Coffee is amazing, food is amazing (bfast/lunch), and the staff is more than wonderful! Loved every minute of my stay and I am definitely becoming a regular! Lots of space to spread out from others and enjoy your time without feeling crowded or overwhelmed!
- Emma A.

Coffee cafe is kind of an understatement. One of the most unique coffee/drink joints in Kansas City. Voluminous space that isn't over decorated or saturated. They have bags and other activities you can do in the back if you get tired of reading a book or studying. Everything is brewed in house. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Nice aesthetics and pleasant vibes.
- Kevin J.W.

Best coffee shop (with beer – added bonus) in the downtown KC area. I’m not much of a coffee person so I can’t comment on that aspect, but they serve local Hugo tea which I love and the beer is good. A friend and I have “set up shop” here most weekdays for the past couple months as we’re both working remotely. All of the staff and the owner, Philip, are super friendly and helpful. Their COVID safety measures are above and beyond. 
- Elizabeth H. (continued...)

Tables are spaced out well, a laminated sheet with a red side and a green side lets customers know which tables have been sanitized and hand sanitizer is available. Because the space is so large and open, it never feels crowded or noisy and it’s easy to concentrate and get work done without distractions or interruptions. I’m super thankful for this place as it’s allowed me to work safely NOT at home. The reason I have maintained my sanity during COVID.
- Elizabeth H.

I was excited to see both a roaster & brewery in one... that excitement was matched with the quality of brews served up in this place. The cream ale is exactly as it should be, full bodied but easy to drink. When I went to use the restroom I was happily greeted with a roll of Charmin.... I couldn't wait to go back to tell my boyfriend they had Charmin. By the time I got back he was gone to the restroom, the first thing he said when he got back was did you notice the TP? How could you not? Great atmosphere for the buns, eyes, and mouth.
- Rodriguez H.

Rochester is wonderful!! It is the best coffee in the city for sure - I drive all the way from south KC for it, and it is ALWAYS worth it. Love the atmosphere, and the staff is really great and friendly. Great pastry selection and fantastic breakfast burritos with local meat! You will love the vibe - relaxed and good music. I highly recommend!! You will not be disappointed.
Just Wonderful.

My wife and I and a couple of our friends visited for the 1 year anniversary celebration. It was our first time and we loved it. I love how open the space is. It’s like a big coffee shop meets a brewery - you could go up there to work on a computer, sip some coffee, and then switch over to a beer later in the day. Super cool concept. And the coffee beer that I had, which I don’t remember the name of, was literally the best coffee beer I’ve ever had. It was super thick and filling like most coffee stouts, but it was smooth and almost a little sweet. It was soooo good. Anyway, this is a super cool hangout spot with great beer. Go check it out!
- Daniel S.

Rochester has been fantastic since my first visit when they first opened. I've hosted an event here and working with the team was a breeze! The drinks are great whether you're getting coffee, tea, or beer. It's always spotless throughout and the staff is always friendly. I'm usually not a beer drinker, but they have plenty of selections that I love.
- Alexander W.

Where else can you get delicious coffee, beer, and food in one place?! Everything I've had here is delicious. I really love the chai cider, the sour beers, and both the sandwiches I tried were amazing. Probably my new favorite place in KC.
- Alexus A.

Rochester does both things they set out to do well. There coffee and latte drinks are some of the most creative I've had in the city and their beer is also unique and delicious. Well worth making trips at different parts of your day to enjoy, or staying from morning into afternoon to have both.
- Tyler H.

Smoked tea latte was amazing! Also had a bacon breakfast burrito and a beer flight. My favorite was their Original Stout, but everything was great!
- Karen

Great place for breakfast! got a cold flying Irishman and a chorizo breakfast burrito and they were delicious. I'll definitely be coming back often. They also host events on the weekends for the entire family! Never saw a coffee shop that was so involved with bringing people together. Their space is modern and nice for people to work, study or simply have a nice conversation. Visiting the Rochester brewing and roasting company is a great experience of Kansas city offered by a local business.
Forget about Starbucks and dunking donuts, this is a real coffee shop with class and closer to us, the people of Kansas City ☺️ - Jonathan C.

Coffee and Beer - The Perfect Concept. Visiting Rochester was such a wonderful experience. You can find parking along the street or around back under the overpass.

The atmosphere is great. During the day there is plenty of natural light from their wall-to-wall front windows. In the evening, the bar feels warm and inviting. There is plenty of tables and space so you don't have to battle for a place to work or sit with your friends. They do have free WiFi. The space also has event space for private events that is open to the public when not booked. - Zach D. (continued...)

Let's talk about the coffee. There is no better cup of coffee in Kansas City. Their in house roasted beans translate to some of the best coffee to come out of the Midwest. Seriously, go here the next time you want coffee or need to work on a project.

Their beer is soooo good. The IPA is so easy drinking, the sours are perfect. They even have some really good meads available. Their head brew master has won several regional competitions and it shows in the beer. Come grab a beer here.

The staff and owners are super friendly and helpful. They are even willing to show you their Brew room if they have time!

I and my wife have been here many times. Probably the most significant visit for the both of us was on July 18, 2020 when Rochester accommodated our wedding. It was amazing! The space is awesome, the coffee, the beer, the pastries, they're all top notch. I really enjoy how the space is tucked into an alley, giving it a secluded feel; and, yet, it's right down the road from Crossroads and pretty much anything else you could want. Seriously, get some friends, go by yourself, whatever you want to do, and head on over there for coffee/drinks. You won't regret it! And if you're needing a space to hold an event, they are your go to.All the employees of this fine establishment. But enough reading, GO! - Chase T.

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