New Beer Alert Classic American Wheat Beer

American Wheat BeerNew Beer Alert Classic American Wheat Beer

Rochester’s classic American Wheat beer features delicate notes of melon and malt sweetness. Both refreshing and crushable, our newest brew makes the perfect summer refresher. You can enjoy it in either taproom or on our sunny deck in Parkville or outdoor cafe seating in the Crossroads.

American Wheat

The popularity of American wheat beers can be attributed to their approachable, easy drinking style. They’re versatile and refreshing and give drinkers a lighter beer drinking experience. Typically brewers create American Wheats using ale or lager yeast and malted wheat. For Rochester’s American Wheat, David used Sundew Ale Yeast from Omega. Sundew’s flavor profile includes ripe strawberry, passion fruit, pear and stone fruit for a modern fruity hop. The original parent strain’s fruit esters were obscured by a Belgian phenolic character. Sundew, however, is non-phenolic so it doesn’t produce the spicy clove flavors that can compete with and overpower the more subtle juicy red fruit bouquet.

Similar to their sister beers, the traditional German hefeweizen, American Wheats can be unfiltered and a bit hazy. They differ from their German cousins by being hoppier and often lack the sweet banana flavors associated with hefeweizen. 

A New American Classic

Malted wheat imparts a doughy backbone similar to the fruity, spicy unfiltered wheat beers of Bavaria. However, the cleaner fermentation of classic American Wheat beers really let the brewer get creative with ingredients. It’s great paired with a variety of foods or just enjoying with friends on a sunny afternoon. 

You can compare Rochester’s new American Wheat to national commercial brands like Bell’s Oberon, Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat and Sam Adams Summer Ale

Stop by Parkville or Crossroads to try our new American Wheat or one of our other delicious craft beers.


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