New Coffee Release Vietnam Cau Dat

Vietnamese Coffee BeansNew Coffee Release Vietnam Cau Dat

Rochester’s head coffee roaster Philip roasted a new coffee release Vietnam Cau Dat. This Vietnamese coffee has a similar profile to our “Parkville Blend.” However, it exhibits slightly more sweetness with full bodied flavor, low acid and a touch of roast.

The story behind the coffee

Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of the ubiquitous coffea robusta, one of the most common coffee varieties grown in the world (the other being Coffea Arabica). And while this garden variety bean may dominate Vietnam’s coffee economy, smaller regional beans have started to garner the attention of coffee connoisseurs. Small farms in Cau Dat in the central/southeastern part of the country, offer some excellent quality coffee beans. Rochester’s source for these beans is unique as they oversee all steps of the bean process to ensure top quality coffee beans. All the Lotus specialty imports come from 100 LIFT farmers in Da Lat. Nearly ⅓ of these farms are women-owned and managed. 

Regional factors

Lotus grows at an altitude of 1400-1600 feet in a region characterized with year-round cool weather and volcanic soil. Farmers have grown coffee here since the mid-1850s, and the region is known for growing the highest quality coffees in the country. The coffee is picked ripe and pulped and separated, then fermented and washed with careful monitoring for quality.

Roasting and Sourcing

We roast this coffee to a medium roast.  We believe this coffee shines with a little more development and heat to develop the sugars and get a sweeter body. This is a perfect coffee to use in a drip maker and share with friends and will also hold up to sugar and creamer if you prefer your coffee that way!  This is one of our first coffees from our friends at Mercon Specialty, based out of Washington.

You can pick up a bag of beans in house or order online.


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