Bartender serving cherry cider.

April 1, 2023

Popular Montmorency Cherry Cider Returns Rochester’s popular Montmorency Cherry Cider returns just in time for Spring! This delicious apple and cherry cider, fermented with Montmorency cherries, is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet and tart. You’ll want to come by our Parkville or Crossroads taprooms soon because this always goes fast! A Balanced Blend A popular […]

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Apricot Cider on a table with Dried Apricots around it

New Apricot Cider on Tap Just in time for spring, our new Apricot Cider is on tap at both locations. With a 7.2% ABV, this refreshing cider balances the sweetness of apricots with tangy cider. It’s fermented with Kviek yeast for a gentle, bubbly fizz which makes this semi sweet cider an easy drinker with […]

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New Apricot Cider

March 18, 2023

Rochester Brewing and Roasting Pear Necessities Cider

February 10, 2023

Did you know Rochester makes a wide range of innovative ciders in addition to our delicious craft beers? We just tapped the most recent addition to Rochester’s cider lineup: Pear Necessities cider. This seasonal pear cider blends apple and pear juice, fermented with Norwegian Lutra yeast. The clean fermentation allows for the pear fruit flavors […]

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