Apricot Cider on a table with Dried Apricots around it

March 18, 2023

New Apricot Cider on Tap Just in time for spring, our new Apricot Cider is on tap at both locations. With a 7.2% ABV, this refreshing cider balances the sweetness of apricots with tangy cider. It’s fermented with Kviek yeast for a gentle, bubbly fizz which makes this semi sweet cider an easy drinker with […]

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Rochester Brewing and Roasting Pear Necessities Cider

Did you know Rochester makes a wide range of innovative ciders in addition to our delicious craft beers? We just tapped the most recent addition to Rochester’s cider lineup: Pear Necessities cider. This seasonal pear cider blends apple and pear juice, fermented with Norwegian Lutra yeast. The clean fermentation allows for the pear fruit flavors […]

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Rochester Taps New Pear Necessities Cider

February 10, 2023