Rochester Taps New Pear Necessities Cider

Rochester Brewing and Roasting Pear Necessities CiderDid you know Rochester makes a wide range of innovative ciders in addition to our delicious craft beers? We just tapped the most recent addition to Rochester’s cider lineup: Pear Necessities cider. This seasonal pear cider blends apple and pear juice, fermented with Norwegian Lutra yeast. The clean fermentation allows for the pear fruit flavors to come through in this sweet, drinkable cider.


Cider making stretches all the way back to the Romans who used native crabapples for their fermented drinks. In northern Spain, “sidra” was being made well before Christ was born. It still flows freely in charming siderías throughout the Catalonian region today. As conquerors marched across Europe, more and more varieties of apples were introduced. Before long, cider had earned its place as one of the top thirst quenchers, second only to ales. While its popularity waned in other places, it remains one of the top beverages of choice in England. The British boast the highest per capita consumption of cider and many of the world’s largest cider production houses.

Cider in American History

Colonists arriving in America planted apple trees, and soon cider production boomed. Early homesteaders pressed and fermented fresh apples to preserve their harvest, and cider was even used to pay taxes and tithes in early America. The advent of the industrial revolution – and subsequent exodus from farming communities – led to the decline in orchards and cider production nationwide. Beer also began to rise in popularity as immigrants arrived from beer-loving countries like Germany and Ireland.

Rochester’s Pear Necessities Cider

Luckily, you can enjoy beer and cider at Rochester Brewing and Roasting. Stop by soon because this limited edition Pear Necessities cider sells out fast.

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