Montmorency Cherry Cider Returns!

Bartender serving cherry cider.Popular Montmorency Cherry Cider Returns

Rochester’s popular Montmorency Cherry Cider returns just in time for Spring! This delicious apple and cherry cider, fermented with Montmorency cherries, is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet and tart. You’ll want to come by our Parkville or Crossroads taprooms soon because this always goes fast!

A Balanced Blend

A popular choice for flavoring hard cider, the naturally tart cherry juice complements the sweetness of apple. But the use of cherries in alcoholic beverages is not limited to ciders. Cherries have enhanced alcoholic beverages for centuries. Kirschwasser or “cherry water” is a clear brandy traditionally distilled from morello cherries, an inky cultivar of sour cherries found in the Black Forest region of Germany. Unlike cherry liqueurs and cherry brandies, German kirschwasser is dry and refreshing, usually served chilled and enjoyed as an apéritif. It’s also used in fondue and adds a dry tang to cocktails. You may have seen this clear fruit brandy labeled as “eaux de vie,” literally French for “water of life” here in the US. But we wouldn’t recommend drinking it like water as Kirschwasser packs a whopping 40-50% ABV. 

Brewers and winemakers also use the versatile cherry to flavors sweet wines, lambics and sours.

Cheers to Your Health

You may have heard about Montmorency cherry juice being used as a dietary supplement, often taken as juice concentrate, capsule or powder. It’s a rich source of anthocyanins and flavonoids, and some studies suggest these reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery after exercise. While your doctor may not recommend sipping cherry cider, its relatively low 4.7% ABV might make it a refreshing way to reward yourself after a workout (but be sure to drink water too).

History of Montmorency Cherries

Montmorency cherries have been growing in the Montmorency Valley in France since before the 17th century. This hardy tart cherry’s popularity spread quickly, and it now accounts for 95% of all sour cherry production. You’ll find it in pies, preserves and baked goods as well as ciders and beer.

Grab a Slice

Some describe Rochester’s sweet and tart cherry cider like a slice of cherry pie in a glass. We hope you’ll stop by soon and give it or one of our tasty craft beers a try. Cheers!

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