DDH Hazy IPA XII now flowing

New Beer Alert: DDH Hazy IPA XII

Our twelfth iteration in our double dry hopped series, DDH Hazy IPA XII features El Dorado hops plus an experimental hop called HS17701. The finished product showcases prominent citrus zest aromas, and the flavor is surprisingly sweet with notes of candied mandarin oranges and an enjoyable dry finish.

El Dorado Hops

Around 2008, hop growers hybridized El Dorado hops from Brewer’s Gold, an English hop variety that has been around for centuries. Their signature intensity – both in flavor and aroma – lends a fruity edge and earthy spice to beers. That’s why they’re used so often in IPAs. They also retain their golden color without adding too much astringent bitterness. In addition to citrus, El Dorado’s versatile flavor profile includes tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. 

Experimental Hops

Experimental hops are hybridized hop varieties that are still in the testing phase of their breeding program. It takes years to finesse a hop to its final state. For example, HBC 384 eventually became Citra hops. VGXP01 was the original name of Amarillo hops. And HBC 369 is now known as Mosaic. Most hops used today were once experimental in nature. The experimental hops used in our newest DDH, HS17701, originated at Hopsteiner Breeding Company. They resulted from meticulous crossbreeding to produce a unique aroma and flavor profile that is still being evaluated. The current iteration features a complex aroma with notes of peach, apricot, sweet melon and yuzu fruit.

What is DDH

DDH stands for Double Dry Hopped. Traditionally, brewers add hops during all parts of the boil stage to extract oils and impart a signature bitterness to the beer. Hops that are added early in the boil will have a completely different impact on the finished product than hops added during flame out or whirlpool.

Dry hopping, however, is when brewers introduce hops during what is typically referred to as the “cold side” or fermentation side. The double portion of DDH refers to how many doses of hops are applied on the cold side. Brewers will employ different strategies for dry hopping, and each strategy will create different results. It is one of the most crucial components to a deliciously juicy New England Style IPA. 

Our DDH Hazy XII is the 12th in our series of double dry hopped IPAs and showcases the creativity and talent of our head brewer, David Bulcock. Stop in today to try our newest DDH or one of our other craft beers!

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