New Apricot Cider

New Apricot Cider on Tap

Apricot Cider on a table with Dried Apricots around itJust in time for spring, our new Apricot Cider is on tap at both locations. With a 7.2% ABV, this refreshing cider balances the sweetness of apricots with tangy cider. It’s fermented with Kviek yeast for a gentle, bubbly fizz which makes this semi sweet cider an easy drinker with lots of apricot flavor!

What is Kviek?

Kviek (pronounced kuh-vike) is a general term for a family of Norwegian yeasts that have been passed down through the years. Traditionally Kviek yeasts fermented Norway’s farmhouse beers that were brewed over open fires. These were often infused with juniper and other locally available botanicals. Modern-day brewers choose Kviek yeasts because they are versatile and easy-to-use. They also provide efficient fermentation without generating flavors that may affect delicate fruits like apricot. Rochester’s head brewer, David, also uses Kviek in our DDH series and Orange Creamsicle IPA.

Did You Know …

Originally cultivated from wild-growing varieties in China, apricots arrived in the New World in the early 1700s, via Spanish missionaries arriving in California. They do well in California’s moderate climate, but the top-producing countries are Iran and Turkey because of their well-drained loamy soil and early, warm springs. In Arabic, “apricot” translates to “moon of the faith.” while Persians called it the “yellow plum.” A member of the rose family, this early blooming stone fruit was historically favored by royalty and aristocrats. It’s inspired poets like John Ruskin to herald its “shining in a sweet brightness of golden velvet.”

Early Persians and Arabs incorporated this luxurious fruit into meat dishes, including lamb. It also dried well,  and historic preservation practices included crushing apricots with your feet, removing the pits and spreading the resulting gooey paste to dry in the sunshine. This golden fruit continued to lend its versatile sweetness to sweets and drinks throughout the ages.

Rochester’s Apricot Cider

Don’t worry; we didn’t use our feet to brew Rochester’s new Apricot Cider. But we think you’ll agree, its golden hue and burst of flavor make it a beverage worthy of Persian royalty. Stop by our taproom to try a glass or one of our beers on tap.

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