Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison on Tap

Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant SaisonNew Beer Alert: Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison

Rochester’s Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Currant Saison bursts with black currant flavors, softened by aging in a red wine barrel from Bogle Vineyards. This complex beer features prominent oak and dark fruit flavors that pair well with the earthiness and sweetness of the saison base.


Breweries in the French-speaking region of Belgium first created saison from malted spelt in the wintertime. The resulting malty, bubbly ale was ready to drink four to six months later thus garnering the name meaning “season.” Since it was historically enjoyed during the summer months, many associate saisons with farming and agriculture. The refreshing resulting beverage quenched thirsts after a hard day of work in the fields.

Introduction to America

It wasn’t until the late 1980s when saisons gained popularity in the United States. Of course modern-day brewers make saisons year-round, but the name has persisted. Generally, saisons are highly carbonated, fruity and spicy. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of saisons is the variance in flavors. Brewers can craft saisons to reflect their own unique personality. 

Springtime Flavors

Rochester’s newest version’s lengthy moniker reflects this flexibility. Its complex flavor profile is achieved through adding juicy black currants and fermentation in oaky red wine barrels. Because of this variety and depth, saisons are a perennial favorite at Rochester. The barrel aged saison joins the brewery’s beer list just in time for spring. Maybe we will get one of those unexpectedly warm early Springtime days soon. Then you can sip one in the sunshine. Rochester’s Parkville location’s sunny deck overlooks English Landing while the Crossroads location has sidewalk cafe seating out front. Cheers!

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