Sample Coffee Roasting at Rochester

Mini Coffee Roaster
Quest M3S Mini Coffee Roaster

Sample Coffee Roasting at Rochester

Before purchasing hundreds of pounds of coffee beans, head roaster Philip Enloe tests a wide range of sample coffee roasts. Many factors affect a coffee beans flavor, including the region where it’s grown, variety of plant and how it’s processed. How it’s roasted also plays a big factor in the final flavor profile of the coffee. Philip takes sample coffee roasting at Rochester seriously to make sure we serve the best quality coffee possible.

The Sampling Process

Philip is very selective about the type of coffee that will eventually land on Rochester’s shelves or in our customer’s coffee cup. He samples countless varieties in small batch roasting. Using a Quest M3S mini coffee roaster, Philip roasts samples ranging in size from 10-200g. After carefully logging the type and process of the roast, the Rochester team samples the various options before deciding to roast full scale. 

Bigger Roast

Once the beans have passed Philip’s rigorous quality testing, larger batches are roasted on Rochester’s Diedrich IR 5 coffee bean roaster. 

Coffee Roasting Day

Sample of Roasted Beans

On this particular day Philip received samples from our friend Katia Duke at Ally Coffee in Honduras. We also tested some great coffees from Papua New Guinea, courtesy of Benchmark Coffee Traders. 

Hopefully you will see them on our shelves soon. In the meantime, you can pick up a bag of beans at either our Parkville or Crossroads location. For a full list of freshly roasted beans to brew at home, check out our online store here.


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