New Coffee: Parkville Blend

Parkville Blend Coffee BeansNew Coffee: Parkville Blend

To celebrate our second location at 100 S. Main St. in Parkville, we are renaming our popular espresso blend to “Parkville Blend.” 

Rochester wanted to honor the vibrant community of Parkville that has welcomed us so warmly. This particular coffee bean blend features bold yet smooth flavors that are both traditional and comforting. It consists of beans sourced from India and Guatemala with notes of dark chocolate, molasses and almond. Its full bodied flavor and low acidity make it a versatile coffee to brew at home with virtually any brewing technique. So whether you prefer to make your coffee as drip, pour over, French press, espresso machine or another method, it’s the ideal blend for creating a bold yet smooth cup of coffee.

“Rochester has been roasting this particular coffee bean blend since day one,” said head coffee roaster Philip Enloe. “We are delighted to rename it proudly as the new Parkville Blend.” 

Freshly roasted bags of Parkville Blend will be available at both the Parkville and Crossroads (2129 Washington St.) locations of Rochester Brewing and Roasting. You can purchase whole beans to grind at home or ask our baristas to grind it in-house for your particular brewing needs. Bags of beans make great gifts too! And they are the perfect souvenir to commemorate a day trip to Parkville or celebrate your hometown.


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