New Coffee Alert: Columbia Finca La Veranera

New Coffee Roast Available: Columbia Finca La Veranera

Our head coffee roaster Philip Enloe has just released freshly roasted Colombia Finca La Veranera coffee beans. All Rochester Brewing and Roasting coffees are sourced from small family farms that use responsible farming techniques. This one comes from the Giovanit family farm in the Quindio region of Columbia.

Giovanit Family Farm

The Gutierrez family has been working the land for more than 10 years. They focus on improving the quality of their coffee beans. They also experiment with different processes and fermentation techniques. In addition to growing the coffee bean varietals of Caturra, Castillo and Colombia, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons also grow on the farm.

Natural Anaerobic Process

One thing that makes these beans unique is the natural anaerobic process in which they are cured. During the highly selective harvest, only perfectly ripened coffee cherries are picked. Ripe cherries are then sealed in air-tight containers for about three days. Growers measure the beans’ pH value and temperature to determine the end of the fermentation period. After this anaerobic process (metabolic processes that take place without the participation of oxygen), cherries dry naturally in a carefully monitored two-step process:

  • Coffee beans dry for three days in the sun. During this drying period, workers turn the coffee every four hours.
  • Coffee beans dry for at least an additional four days without sunlight until they reach a residual moisture content of 10% to 11.5%.

This attention to detail creates a coffee with a depth of rich flavors including cocoa, rum and orange. We roast the beans slowly to bring out the coffee’s true character.

You can enjoy this blend in-house at Rochester or pick up a bag of Colombia Finca La Veranera coffee beans to enjoy at home!

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