New Beer Alert: Irish Extra Coffee Stout

Irish Coffee StoutNew Beer Alert: Irish Extra Coffee Stout

Head brewer David Bulcock created this Irish Extra Coffee Stout with the Rochester Original Coffee blend roasted by head coffee roaster Philip Enloe. It features prominent notes of coffee and dark chocolate with a hint of smokiness and a full bodied mouthfeel.

What is Irish Extra?

The Irish Extra is a specific style of stout midway between an Irish Stout and a Foreign Extra Stout in its strength and flavor intensity. With similar balance, Irish Extra boasts a bit more body, richness, and malty complexity than an Irish Stout. Its hue is darker, more black and not brown like a porter.

A Strong History

While Irish Extra has the same roots as an Irish stout, it’s a stronger product. Rochester’s has an ABV of 8.7%. Guinness Extra Stout (Extra Superior Porter, later Double Stout) was first brewed in 1821, primarily as a bottled beer. Described by Guinness as a “more full-bodied beer with a deeper characteristic roasted bitterness and a rich, mature texture. Of all the types of Guinness available today, this is the closest to the porter originally brewed by Arthur Guinness.” In modern times, Guinness Extra Stout has a wide range of strengths depending on where it is consumed. The European version’s ABV is around 4.2% and fits in the Irish Stout style.

You can enjoy this heady brew at Rochester’s Parkville or Crossroads taprooms. For a full list of Rochester’s craft beers, check out our beer menu. Hope to see you soon.


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