New Beer Release: Minerva New England IPA

Minerva New England IPA now flowing at Rochester!


Rochester just tapped a juicy New England IPA. Our Minerva New England IPA is a direct result of our constant experimentation in the DDH IPA series. This fruit-forward beer features Chinook and Altus hops. You will taste spicy tangerine, grapefruit and pine. An enjoyable hop bitterness is balanced by the citrus flavors and pillowy mouth feel.


This hazy style of India Pale Ale emerged in the early 2010s and quickly became a staple in the world of craft brewing. Its origins can be traced to Vermont, where a handful of microbreweries began experimenting with new brewing techniques and ingredients. This is what gives NEIPAs their distinctive hazy appearance. They also added large quantities of hops at the end of the brewing process and aggressively “dry-hopping” post fermentation. This imparts a strong hop aroma and signature juiciness. An early pioneer of the NEIPA style, The Alchemist (Waterbury, VT) released their flagship beer, Heady Topper, in 2011. It immediately gained a cult following among beer enthusiasts, setting the standard for the NEIPA style. As more breweries added NEIPAs to their taps, it quickly gained traction as a flavorful, easy drinking brew.


The NEIPA, however, has not been without detractors. Some traditionalists in the beer industry have criticized the style for its lack of clarity and its overuse of hops. Others question the authenticity of its name, since it’s not originally from New England and its brewing process is not in line with traditional IPAs.

Ever-Popular Brew

Despite this, the NEIPA grew to become a staple of the craft beer scene across the United States. As the style continues to evolve, the NEIPA has established itself in the craft brewing world. The NEIPA style is a perfect example of how the craft beer industry continues to innovate, creating new and exciting beers for all to enjoy. Be sure to stop by either Rochester location to try the new Minerva New England IPA or another one of our delicious craft beers.

Can artwork for Minerva Hazy New England IPA BeerDid You Know?

Rochester’s juicy New England IPA honors Minerva, the goddess associated with wisdom and fighting on behalf of just causes. While she wears armor and wields a spear, Minerva only fights when she has to protect others. Because of her wisdom, she has been adopted as the patron of education, learning and the arts. Minerva marks the third in our series of beers inspired by Gods and Goddesses. The extremely talented artists at Definitive Tattoo designed our can artwork.

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