La Cultura Cream Ale Returns

La Cultura Cream Ale being held by woman at barLa Cultura Cream Ale is back on tap! 

A collaboration with our friends at La Cultura Cigar & Social, this unfiltered cream ale is super smooth and drinkable. A moderate malt sweetness complements  delicate floral and fruity notes with a dry, refreshing finish. It pairs well with a good cigar …

Cream Ales

Typically light and dry, American breweries started making cream ales in the mid-1800s. During Prohibition in the United States, Canadian brewers began making cream ales, and after prohibition, Canadian brewed cream ales rose in popularity in the US.


Related to pale lagers, cream ales feature light, refreshing notes and a pale golden color. Hops and malty flavors can be subdued, but like most craft beers, individual incarnations vary wildly. Top-fermented cream ales often undergo a period of cold-conditioning or lagering after primary fermentation is complete. This can reduce the fruity esters, imparting the beer with its signature clean, refreshing finish. 

La Cultura Cigar & Social

This easy-drinking beer was created with our friends down the street at La Cultura Cigar & Social. If you haven’t been there, make a point to check out their incredible curated selection of premium cigars from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras and beyond. They welcome new aficionados and longtime cigar smokers to enjoy their smoking lounge and outdoor patio. They also carry a wide selection of cigars and smoking accessories as well as pipes and pipe tobaccos. 



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