New Summer Seasonal Drinks Are Here!

Honey Cinnamon Latte

Strawberry Shortcake Latte

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte

Espresso Mule









Arriving like a warm breeze, our new Summer Seasonal Drinks are here! Summer’s long days and warm nights are the perfect time to kick back and relax with friends. And we’re here to celebrate Summer with our brand new slate of refreshing new Summer Seasonal Drinks!

Our creative summer menu features some returning favorites as well as innovative new options crafted by our talented staff. We hope you discover your own personal favorite!

Honey Cinnamon Latte

honey + cinnamon + espresso + milk ~ Delicious hot or iced

Strawberry Shortcake Latte

almond + vanilla + strawberry + espresso + milk + foam ~ Delicious hot or iced

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Latte

chocolate + strawberry + espresso + milk ~ Delicious hot or iced

Espresso Mule (iced only)

espresso + ginger beer + lime

Green Drink (iced only)

green tea + hugo mint rainier tea + lemonade + matcha

Mango Palmer (iced only)

hugo mango black tea + mango syrup + lemonade

Cold Brew Palmer (iced only)

cold brew + lemonade

Cascara Cold Steep – (iced only) 

Nicaraguan Cascara cold steeped for 24 hours

Mango Palmer

Green Drink

Cascara Steep

Cascara Steep

Cold Brew Palmer

Cold Brew Palmer









Stop in soon to try one of our new Summer Seasonal Drinks. And if you fancy something besides coffee or tea, we’ve got you covered. Our Head Brewer David has been brewing away, so if you’re in the mood for a cold craft beer, check out our current tap list.



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