New Honduran Coffee

katia duke coffee producerWe are excited to showcase a coffee from our friend Katia Duke from Copan Ruinas in Honduras. Rochester’s new Honduran coffee originates from a personal connection between head roaster Philip Enloe and Katia.

Rochester’s New Honduran Coffee

Philip traveled to Honduras five years ago where he was able to personally meet Katia and her family. Through meaningful conversation and firsthand experience, Philip and Katia created a bond over coffee. This relationship has enabled Rochester to source some amazing coffees with an amazing story.  

Coffee Growing Tradition

Katia grew up coffee farming with her father in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. While she took to heart the lessons of generational coffee farming, Katia also recognized the importance of sustainable farming methods. After studying agronomy, Katia returned to coffee farming, operating her own parcel adjacent to her family’s. She revamped traditional systems and incorporated sustainable practices and eco-friendly methods. She also focuses on education and lifting up other small farmers, especially women. Her farm includes a food kitchen and school for employees and their families. This focus on the importance of the people set Katia’s operation apart.

Blazing a Trail

Katia is also a trailblazer as a woman-owned coffee operation, paving the way for others. She has grown a successful coffee operation, thanks to her focus on people and caring attention to detail and quality. Her product sells out very quickly, and we are lucky to have access to both natural processed coffee as well as washed processed coffee this year.

We are thankful to have a relationship with coffee growers like Katia who care about their product, but also are committed to fair practices, treating people well and sustainable agriculture.

You can stop by either Parkville or Crossroads location today to try a pourover of Rochester’s new Honduran coffee. Or pick up a bag of beans to brew at home!



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