New Coffee: Bonfire Blend

Glen Enloe Bonfire Blend Rochester’s New Bonfire Blend

Rochester’s new Bonfire Blend is meant to be enjoyed around a campfire with friends. This unique blend consists of coffee from Vietnam, Honduras and Mexico. It’s then roasted carefully to extract flavors of  chocolate, nougat and a slight hint of smoke. Our head coffee roaster, Philip Enloe, created the Bonfire Blend as a loving tribute to his late father and cowboy poet Glen Enloe.

A Fitting Tribute

Early on in his in-home coffee roasting journey, Philip would occasionally roast the beans a little too long. Rather than waste the beans, Philip would give them to his dad to brew. Glen would always say, “It’s a little lighter than I like, but it’s good.” The Bonfire Blend nods gently to these smoky origins.

Glen Enloe published numerous poems and poetry collections throughout his years. The Last Sip reminisces about the past while recognizing the fate that awaits us all.   



The Last Sip

The old cowpoke drank his coffee

And thought of days long past –

The land that stretched far as you see

And things that do not last.

The foolish pride that once brought fire

To a young cowboy’s heart –

Are forgotten now in the mire

Like friends that now depart.

Upon a ride that you’ll soon take

Into that setting sun –

As you look back for your own sake

To know that you are done.

~ Glen Enloe

We hope you enjoy this coffee and take Glen’s advice to make every sip count.



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