New Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend Coffee BeansOur newest coffee, Cold Brew Blend, just landed on shelves ~ just in time for KC’s blazing hot weather! Stay cool with our Cold Brew Blend, created with coffee from Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico. This refreshingly smooth cup of cold coffee tastes great as is, and also holds up when you add cream and sugar. 

Making Cold Brew at Home

We recommend using 12 oz of coarsely ground Cold Brew Blend to 96 oz of filtered water. Steep for 20 hours in the fridge for optimum flavor. You can always add water to the finished product if it is too strong.  While we sell the blend whole bean, we are always happy to grind your coffee the way you like it at either shop. Side Note: This blend works extremely well for a balanced hot drip/pour over coffee as well!



Rochester Brewing and Roasting is Kansas City’s first craft beer and coffee roastery under one roof. We’ve created welcoming spaces to gather – day and night. Come early for the coffee, stay late for the beer!

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