New Coffee Blend: Costa Rica Rested White Honey

Costa Rica Coffee LabelCosta Rica Rested White Honey: Produced by Francisco Mena, the managing partner of Sumava De Lourdes farm. Located in the west valley region, Mena’s award-winning coffees have garnered the Cup of Excellence award. In the micro region of Naranjo, two plots comprise the Sumava Farm: Monte Llano Bonito and Monte Lourdes. The varietals grown on site include Caturra, Pacamara, Geisha, Mokka and SL28. 

The farm focuses on agronomical practices that minimize the use of herbicides and pesticides, using minerals and mountain micro-organisms from natural origins instead. The farm originated as a coffee research center for the Costa Rica government. Because of this, numerous special experimental varieties grow there.

Cup Characteristics

This sweet, clean and mildly fruity coffee exhibits hints of marshmallow, black raspberry and pepper.

About the Process: White Honey

Processing incorporates two aspects of note. What the farm terms Reposado is a “restful” period where freshly harvested fully ripe coffee cherries rest in baskets in full shade for several days. The ambient conditions add a depth of flavor and sweetness as the fruit pulp concentrates on the seeds. Then the outer skin of the cherry is removed while a fine spray gently removes traces of fruit pulp in what we would term as a “washed” process. Fruits dry on tables in the sun.

You can enjoy Rochester’s Costa Rica Rested White Honey in house as a pour over or grab a bag of beans to make your own at home.



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