New Coffee F3 Gloombuster

New Coffee Blend F3 GloombusterNew Coffee F3 Gloombuster

Philip created a new coffee F3 Gloombuster in collaboration with our friends at F3 who start their day with us at Rochester Crossroads. Composed of coffees that originated in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico, this blend yields a smooth, balanced coffee. It’s an excellent option for coffee lovers who want to try something new. It works well in any drip method.

What’s F3?

In 2019, a group of friends started a local branch of an international network of free, peer-led, outdoor workouts for men. Four years later, hundreds of men gather around the KC area in the early morning gloom to do the hardest thing they will do all day. Seven days a week, F3 groups gather to exercise before sunrise regardless of the weather. However, exercise is just part of the equation. F3 is a leadership organization disguised as a workout group. Members take turns leading the workouts, learning how to motivate others. It’s about helping fellow members become better people. 

Post workout, members gather to talk over a cup of coffee and bust the gloom of early morning. A portion of Gloombuster’s sales goes to support the national F3 foundation whose goal is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups to promote camaraderie and leadership development.

You can pick up a bag of Gloombuster at the Crossroads location or order online here.



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