New Beer Alert: Phantastic Hazy IPA I

Rochester's New Thiolized Hazy IPAPhantastic Hazy IPA I

The first in a new beer series, Phantastic Hazy IPA is Rochester’s first thiolized IPA. This innovative brewing technique releases incredible fruit aroma and flavors. Phantastic features robust notes of orange and tangerine.

What are Thiols?

Thiols are organic compounds responsible for the characteristic aromas found in various fruits, vegetables, grains and certain types of hops. Also used in wine production, thiols help bring fruit forward flavors to the palate and give brewers a unique way to unlock specific flavors and aromas. Their potent aroma compounds exhibit pungent, tropical passion fruit-like notes, and they add complexity and depth when incorporated in IPAs. 

Crafting Thiolized IPAs

Brewing thiolized IPAs requires precision and careful craftsmanship. Hop selection and combinations, timing, and techniques are critical to create a juicy, balanced beer. Yeast selection is paramount as well since ordinary yeasts can’t free the aromatic thiols from their bonds. It’s a delicate balance that requires expertise and experimentation in order to showcase the unique characteristics of thiols while maintaining the integrity of the IPA.

The Thiol Revolution

Thiolized IPAs have become increasingly popular in the craft beer community, captivating the palates of beer enthusiasts around the world. Brewers are embracing the challenge of incorporating thiols into their recipes, sparking a flavorful new revolution in creativity and innovation within the craft beer industry.

A Flavor Explosion

An explosion of tropical and fruity flavors sets thiolized IPAs apart from their peers, and Rochester’s juicy Phantastic Hazy IPA is an excellent example. It’s the perfect refresher for sipping in the summer sunshine!



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