Pride Month Featured Artists

Pride Month Artists Piper Ruwe and Alex Coffee standing in front of artwork
Rochester’s June Featured Artists Piper Ruwe and Alex Coffey

Alex Coffee and Piper Ruwe

Rochester’s Pride Month artists are Alex Coffey and Piper Ruwe. Both are students at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Alex Coffey is an artist who examines the relationships between feminine handicrafts, photography and painting. Her layered works are meant to explore where to place herself in both the craft and art world as a trans woman. Coffey’s work blurs the lines between analog and digital processes, with lace objects and marks revealing, hiding, and highlighting the particular imagery she is working with. She sees the self as a means of transformation through this process. The manipulation of her image is a way to redefine her identity through lace and its impact on femininity throughout history. By creating her lace she reconstructs herself altogether.

Piper Ruwe is a Kansas City based interdisciplinary artist and film photographer. Her work approaches the themes of LGBTQ+ history, femininity, personhood, and industry. She is a candidate to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kansas City Art Institute in 2025. Alongside her studio practice, she works in the KCAI Photography/Film department as Gallery Supervisor.

At Rochester Brewing and Roasting, we are proud to support local artists. You can see Alex’s and Piper’s work at our Crossroads brewery and coffee shop at 2129 Washington, KCMO.


Rochester Brewing and Roasting is Kansas City’s first craft beer and coffee roastery under one roof. We’ve created welcoming spaces to gather for the best of both worlds – a Kansas City craft brewery and Kansas City coffee shop – all in one place. Stop by our spacious Crossroads location or check out our charming Parkville shop, located inside two vintage train cars. We’re open day and night, so come early for the coffee, stay late for the beer!

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