New Coffee Alert: Natural Nicaragua

Natural Nicaragua CoffeeFreshly Roasted Natural Nicaragua Coffee

Available in bags to take home or as a custom pour over in house, Rochester Brewing and Roasting’s Natural Nicaragua Coffee features smooth milk chocolaty flavor with a hint of berries. Its slight acidity makes it an easy drinking coffee suitable for a variety of brewing methods (but our favorite is pour over).

Fincas Mierisch comprises nine coffee farms in Nicaragua, and this particular coffee hails from Limoncillo farm, located in Matagalpa. Each farm’s unique micro-climate and soil composition creates truly distinct quality coffees. 


In the late 1800s, Bruno Mierisch Boettiger, a German geologist, helped the Nicaraguan government build their National Railroad. In exchange for his work, the government awarded him and many of his German colleagues property in the high mountains of Matagalpa. These immigrants never returned home, but stayed to join the growing coffee industry in Nicaragua. Today, Bruno’s great-great grandchildren continue this legacy. 

Adjusting to changing times, operations shifted from commercial quality coffee to artisanal specialty coffees in the 1980s. Today, the fourth generation has propelled Fincas Mierisch coffees into the international spotlight. They also remain committed to sustainable practices and rainforest conservation in the growth of their award-winning coffees.

Natural Process

Also known as unwashed or dry, this is the oldest method of processing coffee. Producers clean and sort the coffee cherries after harvest and then place them in the sun to dry. As the cherries dry, they are raked or turned by hand to ensure even drying. The drying time varies by moisture content and weather conditions. This meticulous process preserves the quality of the beans and creates what some consider the best flavor profiles.

Enjoy at Home or at Rochester

Pick up a bag of Natural Nicaragua beans to enjoy at home or have one of our talented baristas make you a pour over in house. We think you’ll love this rich, smooth coffee.



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