Need a place to host a lunch meeting,
throw a party, or fill in the blank....

 1,400 square feet of a blank canvas
Included seating & tables for 48 people or less
Max capacity 95 people
White brick industrial walls
Urban & elegant lighting
A skylight window for natural light
Included wood tables and chairs
Drink orders taken at bar 
Large garage door for unloading or mobile businesses

The Rochester


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Floor plan idea


Events Manager

Meet Emily

Emily has joined the Rochester team after being a long time Event Lead with Boulevard Brewing Company's Hospitality Team.

She has a background in coffee and beer along with having a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and Stage Management. Coming from a stage management background, Emily is skilled in time management and making sure events run as smoothly as possible.

When she isn't helping you plan your private events, you can find her behind the bar slinging beers, making lattes, and serving all of your dogs a pup cup. She can't wait to help you plan your event, and make sure it's everything you could hope for!

My wife and I used Rochester's event space in March of 2020 for our wedding. It was the perfect size for what we needed and had plenty of room for set up and had no problem with outside food catering. Their staff was excellent, responsive, and flexible with working with us on our big day. The beverages (tea, coffee, and beers) were all top notch and we would highly recommend their event space and services if you are considering it.

I and my wife have been here many times. Probably the most significant visit for the both of us was on July 18, 2020 when Rochester accommodated our wedding. It was amazing! The space is awesome, the coffee, the beer, the pastries, they're all top notch. I really enjoy how the space is tucked into an alley, giving it a secluded feel; and, yet, it's right down the road from Crossroads and pretty much anything else you could want. Seriously, get some friends, go by yourself, whatever you want to do, and head on over there for coffee/drinks. You won't regret it! And if you're needing a space to hold an event, they are your go to.All the employees of this fine establishment. But enough reading, GO! - CHASE, GROOM

$150 credit of which can be applied towards beverages & food consumed during the event.
Space rentable hourly
No hourly minimum
25% retainer due to get booked
Tables & chairs for 48 included
Your set up & tear down must be included in the hours rented

Rochester Event Space - Hourly Rate


$200 per hour

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Don't need to rent the whole space but just want to reserve some tables? Contact us and let us know. We can make that happen.


This one time additional fee allows you to reserve the entire Rochester building including the front Cafe & Taproom + Event space for your private event only.

Must purchase hourly package additionally for the hours needed
25% retainer due to get booked
Max capacity is 136 people (during covid)
Tables & chairs for 80 people
Your set up & tear down must be included in the hours rented

Rent the entire Rochester Event Space + Cafe/Taproom



Can we get in earlier to set up?

Do we need to pay for the hours we need for setting up and tearing down our event?

Can we bring our own alcohol?

What products are included in the $150 credit in our $200 rental fee?

Do you have liquor?




Your set up & tear down must be included in hours rented. So if you need two hours to set up and one hour to tear down, you'll need to add three hours to your rental.

Absolutely. You're very wise friend.

Yes, but with some additional requirements and restrictions. Bringing in any outside alcohol requires written approval (such as an email) from Rochester prior to the day of the event. If you are bringing in outside alcohol, you must go the drink minimum route. If you plan on having hard liquor at your event, you will need to hire a third party bartender to serve it. Outside beer or wine must be kept behind the bar and handled and served by Rochester staff or be served by a third party bartender.

The $150 credit can be applied towards beverages & food consumed during the event. This does not include to go products or merchandise. 

We are not licensed to sell liquor. You'd need to hire a third party bartender to manage and serve liquor during your event if you choose to have it.

We do not sell wine, but we typically have cider options. You are welcome to bring in wine if you go the drink minimum route and notify us in advance. We would just have to keep it behind the bar and our staff will serve it for you.

Of course! Outside food can be brought in, catered, or delivered. We require that if a caterer is going to be serving your guest in our facility that they be licensed and insured.

We are working empathetically with our clients to find a good solution that works for both parties. Remaining flexible is key. We will work with you to find another date that is open on our calendar.  We will be sending a contract Addendum to all our current bookings so we can all be on the same page as well.

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Still have questions?

Can we get our money back if we don't spend all our drink credit? 

What is the mask policy?

Unfortunately no. Additionally, the remainder can not be applied towards merchandise, to-go products, gift cards, etc. 

Per current city regulations we are allowed full capacity in our event space and half capacity in our taproom/cafe space. When you are in the private event space it is up to you to enforce if your guests wear masks. We require everyone entering the building, exiting the private event space into the front taproom/cafe or back restroom area and approaching a staff member to wear a mask. When sitting and eating/drinking at tables masks are not required. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not following these rules.

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

We do. We are happy to provide our recommendations if needed.


Only products ordered by you or your guests during the time of your event will apply towards the credit. Any products purchased before or after the event will need to be purchased separately. Additionally, products cannot be purchased for other Rochester customers not attending your event and be applied towards the minimum.

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